our priorities

ConservING wildlife and natural habitats

Solving coexistence issues between man and wildlife

Intervening urgently for safeguarding animals in distress

raising awareness to respect all living things

About hisa

Hisa is a non-profit organization, whose primary mission is to act for the protection and preservation of wild or domestic animals and nature. As we want that man get back his place within biodiversity and animal kingdom, and learn to respect other forms of life, all our projects are based on the environmental ethics values.

Our organization is actively working on the implementation of projects contributing to improve coexistence between humans and wildlife, to conserve rare, vulnerable and endangered species and the ecosystems that shelter them.

Because every living thing feels, we seek to work with the moral consideration that all living things are important, without discrimination of species.

In fact, conserving nature, biodiversity, respecting the other, have benefits for men welfare in economic, food, material and sanitary fields. We also harmonize our preservation actions with human activities. We are convinced that beyond its market value, the diversity of the living has an intrinsic value which itself justifies its protection.

We put Man at the heart of this process.

With this in mind, our projects revolve around the following main axes:

  • Contribute to conserve wildlife in general, and safeguard the most endangered species
  • Protect and rehabilitate their ecosystems
  • Resolve coexistence issues between human activities and wildlife
  • Participate in the education and awareness of human communities about wildlife conservation issues
  • Encourage the autonomy of human communities that promotes a sustainable and reasoned use of wildlife and natural resources
  • Export and adapt to a large scale of projects
  • Communicate and intervene in schools, media and conferences around wildlife value life and the importance of acting for its preservation

Our last news

HISA partner of the workshop WRRRITE

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