MAKOA, A unique sanctuary

Species concerned : All wild animals in danger.

Location : Tanzania

Human partner communities : Villagers, local communities

Main objective : Participate in the functioning of the Makoa refuge that heals and releases wild animals

Project managers : Elisabeth and Laszlo, Makoa Sanctuary

HISA coordinators: Perrine Crosmary, Margaux Babola, Vanessa Rispal


abused, injured or illegally detained animals.


Provide to residents living conditions close to their natural environment, to offer them the best chances of being released.


At 18 km from Kilimanjaro, in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania, was born a small paradise of more than 70 ha: the Makoa farm. This refuge was created by two veterinarians of German origin, Elisabeth and Laszlo, who came to Tanzania for holidays 20 years ago, until they decide to live there and acquire more than 70 ha of field to accommodate animals that are abused, injured or illegally detained. In this center, they heal and host a wide variety of species, and have already released about fifty animals, especially monkeys and birds. Currently, they are in charge of twenty wild animals including a cheetah named Jack, and a baboon named Matze.

Elisabeth and Laszlo live in the heart of their sanctuary, in a very large house that also houses their trainees and consultants they invite to work with them few months a year, like Barbara, Austrian behaviorist, specialist in the construction and the enrichment of enclosures. This unlimited availability allows them to optimally take care of animals, with the aim of restoring them to living conditions close to their natural environment and adapted to their physical condition. The Makoa farm is an ideal place to accommodate boarders. 2 veterinarians, a competent team on site 24h / 24, 70 ha of wild territories, a great diversity of habitats !

The two veterinarians currently welcome all animals in distress, from the pig, through a serval, to the cheetah! They have many horses and a herd of cows that has welcomed an abandoned baby buffalo. 

Over these 70 ha, very diverse landscapes offer extraordinary possibilities : a plain for cattle and horses, a forest with a spectacular tree, wonderful playground for primates rescued from the refuge. Two savannas, one for carnivores, the other for herbivores, and another space of several hectares near the river, dedicated to birds. Despite their strong potential, because of a lack of financial means these spaces are unfortunately not exploited optimally.

Ideally, when they reach a mature age, or their health permits it, Elizabeth and Laszlo can release animals in the wild, in an appropriate environment to the species needs. Only when they are sure that an animal has a real chance to survive in the wild, he will be released. If this is not possible (because the animal is too impregnated by the man, has never learned to hunt, or can not cover all his physical capacities), he will stay at the sanctuary, in an enclosure of minus 1 ha and live there a softer life. 

For domestic animals, mainly abandoned or injured dogs and cats, they look for suitable places in Germany and abroad where they can live happily for the rest of their lives.


Jessica Decap, “Our Special Envoy” went to Makoa for a reconnaissance mission. The refuge maintains close relations with our partner Every Living Thing and shares the same respect values for living things and their rescue. We could not fail to answer their call about their difficulties in taking charge of building a new enclosure for Jack the Cheetah, primates, and other animals in difficult circumstances. 

So we are currently looking for funding to help them welcoming newcomers!