promote biodiversity AT Bellefontaine


While we are experiencing a great crisis of biodiversity, mainly linked to human activities: destruction and fragmentation of natural habitats, introduction of invasive species, pollution, hunting and intensive fisheries … each parcel of land is an opportunity to promote biodiversity and curb its erosion.

Indeed, according to IPBES, an intergovernmental platform on biodiversity and ecosystem services, one million animal and plant species (out of 8 million estimated) are in danger of extinction and the process is only accelerating.




Biodiversity breeds biodiversity. Indeed, a significant diversity of plants in an ecosystem is accompanied by a significant diversity of insects, birds and other small animals that will feed or nest. It also generates a diversity of earthworms, bacteria and fungi, essential elements for the decomposition of soil and organic matter (dead organisms, residues of plants or animals …). An environment rich in biodiversity is a healthy and resilient environment.

With this in mind, HISA accompanies the Château de Bellefontaine, located in Baron near to Bordeaux (FRANCE), in its mission to promote biodiversity through development and sustainable management of its area.

Our missions :

  • Make an inventory of all species groups that inhabit Bellefontaine,
  • Put in place amenities for biodiversity,
  • Protect the most endangered species, such as Barn Swallows,
  • Monitor the populations living in Bellefontaine.

THE château de

Bellefontaine :

The Château de Bellefontaine, which stretches over 120 acres, is a haven of peace for a great diversity of species. With a hunting reserve (25 acres) to protect mammals that roam the domain, Bellefontaine focuses its energy and effort towards biodiversity preservation. Indeed, the area, called HISA, is currently undergoing renovation to incorporate amenities in favor of biodiversity and to ensure the sustainable management of the site.