Rescue – Rehabilitate – Release

What is Rewild ?

REWILD is an organization created by 7 founding associations specialized in the defense, the safeguard, the seizure, the care and the rehabilitation of wild animals victims of trade as well as in the conservation and the protection of wild animals and their natural habitats.

Le nom REWILD vient d’un verbe anglais qui signifie “inverser le processus de domestication et/ou restaurer un habitat naturel en y faisant revenir les animaux sauvages qui y vivaient à l’origine”.

En anglais, REWILD signifie “inverser le processus de domestication et/ou restaurer un habitat naturel en y faisant revenir les animaux sauvages qui y vivaient à l’origine ».

Who is Rewild ?

REWILD is the union of several founding associations,

Sea Sheperd, Centre Athénas, Le Biome.

The partners 

Why Rewild ?

In 40 years, we have exterminated 60% of the world’s wild animals. Today, humans and their domesticated animals (farm animals and pets) represent 97% of mammals. After the destruction of natural habitats, wild animals traffic and trade are the second cause of their disappearance.

With REWILD, we have thus decided to tackle with the management of the seized fauna with one single objective, the return to nature of the individuals candidates for rewilding or the sanctuarization of those who cannot return into the wild. Wild animals will be brought back to an environment which meets their biological requirements, in latitudes more likely to meet original climatic conditions.

the objectives

Reception and care of animals seized from traffickers

REWILD, as a law enforcement officer, takes care of animals saved from traffic, no matter which species they are and how many they are, and provides the medical cares until a court ruling is pronounced

Expert assessment and care

Teams of specialists trained in different disciplines, biology, eco-ethology, manipulation, veterinary cares, animal well-being – will be formed depending on the nature and the needs of each intervention.

Cares of the wild fauna

REWILD is also a network of wild species care centers, specialized in the care of injured animals with the aim of releasing them in their natural habitat. Those structures, whose protocols are harmonized and tried and tested, are tools in the service of biodiversity. They could be the training places for the candidates to the REWILD school.


Purchasing of territories

The creation of transit reception structures on the model of Rewild is considered in France but also abroad.

The creation of a network of protected territories throughout the world will enable the reintroduction and the protection of species in their natural environment. Those territories, co-managed by local partners, will be the guarantee that the reception center will never be saturated. They will enable the return to nature of an increasing number of animals according to the ethic charter of REWILD.

In view of the large number of wild animals illegally kept captive or in conditions unsuited to their needs, the Rewild model stands out as the solution in the center of an archaic system, dangerous for the preservation of more than 22.000 animal species to date maintained captive, in zoos and aquarium throughout the world.

Return of the animals in their natural distribution area

After a court decision, animals are brought back to an environment as close as possible to their natural needs. On a case by case basis, they will be released in their natural environment or welcomed in a sanctuary when their return to nature is compromised (health condition, age, genetics, human factors incompatible with their return…). The sanctuaries are secure and fenced wilderness areas which offer the living conditions as close as possible to the biological requirements of translocated animals.

The network of reserves or sanctuaries is the spine of repatriation operations of REWILD. New partners are permanently developed to progressively increase our reception capacities so that captivity in unsuitable structures won’t ever be an option or a purpose anymore.

Training of specialized agents in the fight against trafficking.

Within the training center, REWILD also intends to provide the Environmental Police the training necessary to the manipulation, the health diagnosis, the identification of species and their biology in order to reinforce the efficiency des controls. The whole State bodies concerned by the fight against wild animals traffic will benefit from those trainings (gendarmerie, veterinary services, justice).

Financing the operations

REWILD ensures the advance of the costs related to controls, the logistic necessary for capture and transport, food, structural costs but also the creation of specific tools as well as the interventions of specialists, such as veterinaries. The costs put in will be recovered after the legal proceedings.


REWILD promotes the conservation of in situ species and rewilding programs. The conservation of wild species, the protection and rehabilitation of natural habitats, the creation or protection of biological corridors, the safeguarding of species in their original environment as well as the support of the authorities in this sens constitute a solution for the future regarding the global ecological issues.

Our teams, alongside with our partners in the field, imagine and develop projects of protection of nature habitats and the species that shelter them.

Given the small number of wild species return to nature, genetic issues, behaviors and sanitary animals kept in zoos all over the world, the preservation of natural habitats is the most suitable priority solution to participate in a strong and concret way to conservation.

First operation succeeded

The management of those seized animals requires the creation of a specialized structure, with the ability to welcome the animals in good conditions, and afterward, to bring them back to their original state. It is with this in mind that REWILD takes up a unique challenge in the world, purchasing a zoo to transform it into a rescue center !

Depending on the needs of the missions of REWILD, the enclosures and buildings will be modified and adapted to meet the biological needs of the species that will be entrusted to our team.

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