Because we consider human needs but also the specific needs of nature, we harmonize all our conservation actions by considering everyone’s needs, in balance. It is important not to isolate humans from wild animals anymore, but to help them coexist better.

With this in mind, HISA develops projects, based on the principles of permaculture and agroforestry, involving the creation of shared forests, forest gardens, edible landscapes, etc., in which humans and wildlife relearn to cohabit. Our desire: revalue habitats by setting up initiatives or developments which promote the fulfillment of biodiversity.


Project “Résilience” :

The Resilience project aims to support individuals, companies, or local authorities, in their desire to ensure eco-responsible management of their sites. Its aim is to help our partners to integrate and host biodiversity into its activities and to create autonomous places.

Project COFEEL :

In French Guyana, negative interactions between breeders and the presence of Jaguar and Puma take place. In the absence of effective initiatives to protect their livestock, some breeders face the problem by shooting the felines. To fight against this observation, HISA has decided to meet the needs of Guyanese breeders while preserving the two major predators.

Project “Nos voisins les éléphants” :

This project consists of creating shared natural spaces in which man and elephant can coexist, nourishing and productive forests offering income opportunities to communities but also a refuge area for many species including elephants.

Project Encosh :

In order to help as many people as possible around the world find sustainable initiatives to coexist with animals, HISA has created the ENCOSH platform; a platform for the exchange of knowledge on the various initiatives tested around the world which help to solve problems related to the presence of wildlife (