From barn swallows, to the Javanese pangolin, through the elephants of the African savannas, all over the planet animals are in danger. Climate change, land use planning, habitat loss, pollution, etc., are all factors that put unprecedented pressure on wildlife, preventing them from finding food or mates, when it is not the poachers who endanger their life.

To fight against the decline of wild populations, HISA has been supporting conservation centers and shelters since 2011 for the rehabilitation and reintroduction of injured, mistreated or poached animals in protected natural areas.

HISA takes direct, concrete and positive actions for preserving the planet!

Tortoises of Madagascar :

The endemic tortoises of Madagascar are now under increasing pressure from poachers. To fight against the decline of these species, we have developed a project to create a conservation center for the reception, reception, care, rehabilitation and reintroduction of tortoises seized by the authorities.

African grey parrots :

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a hub for the illegal African gray parrot trade. The Tanzanian government collects them constantly, but does not have the aviaries necessary to accommodate them properly. With this in mind, HISA is developing a project to create a rehabilitation center for these parrots.

Makoa farm :

Created by two German veterinarians, this rescue center, which is also a lodge, cares for and hosts a great diversity of species, and has already released fifty animals, in particular monkeys and birds. Currently, they are responsible for around 20 wild animals including a cheetah named Jack.

Every Living Thing :

EVERY LIVING THING is a shelter based in Dar es Salaam, which collects all injured, abandoned or mistreated animals, before offering them for adoption, or rehabilitating them in their natural environment in the case of wild animals. The NGO is also setting up awareness-raising projects on respect for animals, in particular in schools.