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A flagship of a new economy, Instinct Project is a demonstration of what tomorrow’s fashion could be: virtuous activism! The concept ? Reversing “copyright” to nature. 

Instinct Project aims to bring meaning to fashion, to make known too often unknown species, to blend in their “skin” in a responsible way to protect them in return. Kokoï of Colombia, Madagascar radiated tortoises, Grévy’s zebra, etc, as many endangered species represented through the creations “Specimen”. From creation to manufacturing, Instinct Project makes no concessions. All creations are Jacquard Tencel – the most responsible thread today – and the manufacturing is 100% French. In addition, the brand commits itself by donating 10% of its profits to HISA. To know more : http://www.instinct-project.com/

The 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation, works passionately for the defense and protection of all animals by educating new generations to respect animal life. Unique in France in terms of actions and the ability to gather numbers in order to support its ground battles. Plus the major awareness campaigns make it a major player in animal welfare. This foundation also contributes to progress pro-animal legislation – thanks to years of experience, including with public authorities. Its action crosses European borders, externding to a huge active community around the world.

The foundation supported the HISA’s exhibition “SAUVAGES”, that aims to educate the general public about animal captivity for entertainment purposes. More info on: http://exposauvages.fr

French street artist, A-mo was born in 1982 and he is passionate about nature and animals. The “urban jungle” is its main place of expression and nature its favorite subject. A-MO has developed a very personal technique that consists of painting animals by superimposing tags (stylized signatures). These tags, made mainly with spray paint or marker, overlap like the layers of oil paint of a “classic painting”. The artist calls it “the Paintag”.

Winner of the Vibrations Urbaines 2015 national art competition, A-MO integrates the prestigious private collection of Bernard Magrez in 2016 and multiplies exhibitions and artistic events. Its singular aesthetic, recognizable at first glance, quickly allows the artist to become a rising figure in the street art movement.

Today, A-MO puts offers his talent to support HISA’s actions, selling some of his favorite reproductions, with all profits donated to our projects!

Website : a-mo-art.com

FB : amostreetart

Instagram : amoarts


Lush is a highly valued cosmetics brand, both ethical and fun, that promises “fresh” and hand-made products, from natural products, 100% vegetarian, 83% vegan, 70% self-preserved and 38% Nude (without packaging).

Lush, contributes to the preservation of the environment, the protection of animals and the defense of human rights, by giving a boost to local associations and initiatives that advocate for sustainable change and a fairer society, all over the world.

In order to contribute to this change, Lush has put together a great product for the body and hands, which renews the usual ways of supporting charities: the Charity Pot.

100% of the sale price of the Charity Pot (less VAT) is donated to a charity fund for associative projects that correspond to its ethics and its vision of the world of tomorrow.

With this in mind, Lush has provided support to HISA as part of its project to create a rescue center in Tanzania, particularly the creation of a rehabilitation aviary for gray parrots in Gabon victims of illegal trade. (more information on: https://hisaproject.org/home/urgencies-urgencies/).

To learn more about LUSH, visit: https://www.lush.com/