Want to commit to animal protection and the preservation of nature? Take action by joining the HISA volunteer community!

HISA works on the implementation of projects whose primary mission is to preserve wildlife, especially the most endangered species, reduce conflicts that regularly oppose them to men, and protect ecosystems that shelter them. We also communicate, make awareness and educate international communities through the media and our SAUVAGES event, on the interest to act for the protection of animals and against the exploitation of wild and / or domestic animals for human entertainment !

Thus, through a booth, an educational animation, or an expert mission, any valuable help will actively contribute to the achievement of our missions. Graphic, editor, biologist, developer, cameraman, photographer … We constantly need your talents ! Everyone can invest in their own way and according to their availability, talents and skills. So why not you ?

What will your missions consist of?

Depending on your skills and needs: translation, writing, bibliographic research, collection of donations, communication on social networks and our websites, public awareness during wild events (planning, holding of stand, animation, sale of products, etc.), participation in our humanitarian challenges, etc.


By becoming a HISA volunteer, you will have the opportunity to live a great adventure, to act concretely for causes that are dear to you, to join a team with common values ​​and to meet international actors acting for animal protection ! You will also learn new skills in various fields and learn more about animals to better coexist and preserve their welfare!

How to become a volunteer?

If you want that man find again his place into biodiversity and animal kingdom, and learn to respect and cohabit with other forms of life, join us and send your CV to hisa.contact @ gmail.com!