Once more, the HISA’s team has been part of the CLIMAX festival, that happened between the 5th and 8th of September 2019, in Bordeaux. The 5th edition of this great eco-mobilisation welcomed Raoni Metuktire, the leader of the Kayapo Brazilian tribe. Well-known as the international figure of ecosystem and populations protection, he narrated the story of his commitment, of his population, he testified of the lingering threats and encouraged us to fight against them.

HISA and REWILD, participated to this shared reflection by informing about protected species’ illegal trade and their necessary protection, considering the numerous threats lingering over their habitats.

We introduced our different projects and reminded visitors about sustainable coexistence issues between human activities and wildlife.

REWILD’s stand was set in order to surprise people : several stuffed animals were exposed, all of them taken from a couple of experimented poachers. Their beauty was impressive, such as the feeling they were still alive. The animals were in cages, which help us to speak about animal captivity. By the way, all the visitors were invited to take a photo in a big cage. This edition of the Climax festival has been a success: many exchanges and sharing, very interesting meetings … We hope to see you here next year!