The COFEEL project, COexistence FElins – Elevage, our first and single project in Latin America, aims at insuring a sustainable coexistence between human activities and the protection of the two big cats of French Guiana, the Jaguar and the Puma.

We let you discover more about this project by listening these radio interviews conducted by the local radio called “Péyi” !


One of our priorities is to test different protection initiatives to reduce big cat attacks on livestock. The beneficiaries are farmers victims of attacks, determined to test these measures on.

Feedbacks of a pilot farm

Here, you can listen to a farmer’s feedback who benefited a visual alarm, the “Foxlight”, which is a light flashing with different intensity and colors, rotating 360 degrees. The big cat is afraid from what he doesn’t know: these lights can dissuade him to attack livestock. On the other hand, the animal can accustome to these initiatives, this is why it is only a temporary measure which have to use in specific situations (such as calving or for a first attack).

Foxlight device

Device installation

 Agricultural highschool students’ interview

One of the first goal of the COFEEL project is to inform, raise awareness among the agricultural students and work with them, as they are the future professionals of the sector in French Guiana. HISA aims at giving them the knowledge and the right tools to protects livestock with non-lethal initiatives : a double benefit, both for them and big cats.

Photo: Meeting with a sheep farmer who had to face big cat predations, in the agricultural college.