WEGS, HISA, Every Living Thing and Kilimanjaro Animal Crew, 4 NGOs committed to making a difference in animal rescue in Tanzania, gathered last week on the slopes of Kilimanjaro at Makoa Farm to create together the first rescue network for wild animals in distress.

Tanzania host millions of wild animals, but more and more of them are victims of anthropogenic environments and human activities.

Despite this finding, there is currently no law allowing the private sector to care for wild animals in need. Only Tanzanian authorities, overwhelmed by the extent of rescues, have the right to take charge of wild animals. Tanzanian authorities, however, recognize the lack of training, resources and responses to emergencies such as the rescue of sick animals trapped in illegal trade, human / animal conflicts, road accidents …

Our multi-faceted expertise and our willingness to work together is now bearing fruit. We are slowly starting to develop a quality partnership with Tanzanian authorities responsible for safeguarding wildlife populations.

These 4 days of meeting, which follow the success of the first WRRRITE (Wildlife Rescue Rehabilitation Release Initiative for Training and Education) workshop, allowed us to reflect on the next steps of our collaboration. This workshop aimed at initiating a multi-sectoral partnership, will lead to other workshops, to highlight the need to save not only endangered animal populations but also individuals.

At our meeting, the two veterinarians Laszlo and Elisabeth were urgently called to participate in a rescue action for several antelopes caught in snares (illegal traps installed by villagers).

6 elands must be treated, how many more will be caught in traps? How many are left? At the end of these two successful rescues, HISA released funds to set up a four-day “clean-up” operation of the trap-riddled area.

Every two weeks, new operations will be put in place in this sector to discourage poachers.


First successful capture of an adult eland who wore for 2 months this trap around his neck.

Young eland wounded by a machete. The poachers pursue the animals until they are exhausted and lacerate their legs so that they stop fleeing. This young man has escaped, the wound is healing.

Filming interviews for the next WRRRITE workshop.

Brittany Hilton president of NGO ELT and John Magembe with the trap.

Since three days, a specially trained squad has been riding kilometers of bush to remove traps from poachers. HISA is proud to implement this type of initiative that is used for wild animals but also gives work to young people looking for a rewarding job!

100 € of donations are donated for rescue activities, so do not hesitate to donate to save more animals and see the proud and determined smile of rangers and future recruits!